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Click Here for our Whip Talk by Anthony DeLongis, one of Hollywood's top whip trainers, dialogues with one of our customers. Check out Anthony's questions to some very astute questions.

Cheers, Colin D.

From: "Dora"
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 08:06:59 -0500
Subject: Maria's Saddle
Hi there Colin,
 I just wanted to tell you how incredibly pleased we are with the saddle! Maria loves it! The deep carving is just gorgeous, the color matches Pumpkin the mule perfectly, and the saddle fit is superb! I mean the centerfire rigging kept the saddle in place that there was not even one hair out of place!! We will send pictures and have Maria send in a testimonial too!! Wow, thanks again for everything and let me know seriously if you need a contact out here in Ohio to represent you and your saddles. I would love to help you sell them.

Dora Psiakis

DiaMond D Mule Farm
Hillsboro, OH
To: <>
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 18:31:27 -0400
Subject: Southern Cross
Hi Colin- I want to thank you for this great saddle. I've ridden in it a dozen times on two different horses and it has fit both horses and myself extremely well. The best part however, is the fact that those poleys have held me right where I need to be (and not over the horses' heads) when they have decided to yee haw a bit!! You were right when you said that I would love it!! Thanks again!! Lisa, ME

To: Colin and the Aussie Stock Saddle Family:
Thank you so much for all your help and advice in purchasing our SURVIVOR POLEY. We absolutely love our new saddle. Not only is it comfortable, but it fits our mustang perfectly. We love you guys. Happy rides!!
Brian and Gina
Gavilan Hills, Ca.

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 08:14:57 -0400
Subject: saddle
Hi Colin,  I got my saddle and rode in it last night. LOVE LOVE LOVE  it !!!!  Seems to fit Jules well and it has to be the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. Thank  you !!  

Lynn is from Scottsdale., Arizona. She purchased a Fox Pole


John thought you might like these photos of our 2 year old using a tag along poley. 
We got our duaghter, Jade a tag a long poley when she was 18 months and she really likes it here are some pictures of her and my wife take last December.      


To: <>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 11:34:13 -0800
Subject: Box Sets
Hallo! Product matches the catalogue exactly. If only there was a rating for exceptional! I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the service I will be recommending them to my friends Thanks again you are one of, if not, the best in the business!

I have been training professional for a number of years and have to agree that the Muster Master I have is the easiest to saddle and unsaddle, it is the most comfortable and mostly the safest with no horn.  All my students like the saddle when they ride in it. Thanks mate for providing a product that is well made, a good value and safe.
I guess I must say thanks to TJ for showing me the saddle and getting you and I together.
Jimmy Driver

That's Renee Baust sitting on her new Fox Poley, fitted to her 13-hand Welsh poney JULE. Reports Renee: "This is SOOOO comfortable. And Jule likes it too!"
The breastplate and barcoo bridle are special PONY size. 


 Bridgett Godfrey (USA)

This is a letter of appreciation to Colin and the rest of the team for helping me find the right saddle for me and my mare.  After several e-mails and phone conversations dealing directly with Colin, I picked a saddle.  It wasn't what I was looking for, so I sent it back.  Colin graciously exchanged it for a Bronco Poley, with no "restocking fee", no arguments and no problems.  I love my new saddle.  The Bronco Poley is not only a handsome saddle, but is well made, and comfortable.  It fits my horse's back and my bum, both of which had been sore with previous saddles.  So, once again, much thanks and kudos to Colin and the team!  I am a satisfied customer and would recommend them and do business with them again gladly.

Happy Trails and Goodday Mates!
Cristin DiAndrea

Good morning!!

I wanted to make sure I was in love with this saddle before I got back with you folks...and I am!

Punkie had a knot at her withers and another on her hip from a previous ill-fitting saddle that have been there for a year at least and are now disappearing. Even with the overstuffed Muster Master, I could see no difference in these knots, tho maybe it's just taken all this long.

Anyway, the saddle fits her beautifully, and me as well. I thank you so much for the time and care you have taken with me to assure that I get the saddle of my dreams. You folks are wonderful and I'll certainly be recommending you to all the folks who are even thinking about getting an Australian saddle.

Thank you!


I just returned from 6 days in the Arkansas Hills with my inexperienced little Norwegian Fjord. Let me tell you, our horses slid down hills on their bottoms, we scrambled up hills hanging onto their manes with all our might, and even learned the deep part of the river (oops!), and our gear stayed put. His rig fits him so welll, and looks so good on him, it actually garnered more attention the he himself did, which is very unusual! My stirrups never hurt my knees, my saddle seat felt like it was molded specially for my bottom (you been talking to my husband?). I have nothing but praise for your gear, and I sang it all the way to Arkansas and back, and will continue for as long as anyone will hear me. I know I promised an action shot, and you will get one, I promise. In the meantime, thank you for your execellent attention to detail on  your gear-it shows! I'm working on an idea for a saddle bag I want to bend your ear about, will  have to work on the design more. In the meantime, thanks so much! 

I received my order just as you emailed me. Thank you so much. Your service and quality is excellent.

Regards, Linda Sluter

Hi Collin

White hairs on my horse have disappeared.  Fits Great. My wife's saddle also fits her horse.

Thanks for all the help. Really believe it to be above and beyond. Thanks again.

Greg Apple Valley


I'm so happy with the Barcoo Traditional that I wanted to offer feedback for your Website:

After over 2 years of trying to find an Aussie saddle that fit my horse, purchasing 10 that didn't fit, including 4 from "the experts" which were never adjusted to fit correctly, I finally have found the perfect fit thank's to Colin's fit system that measures the whole back, not just one wither tracing. He was able to adjust the tree to fit both my horses, one with high withers, the other with average withers which is a dream come true!

The Barcoo Traditional is so well made with super soft, pliable leather and I know my horses enjoy the fleece underside. It is the most comfortable and secure saddle I've ridden in. I asked that the horn be removed and was pleasantly surprised to see that Colin had placed a beautiful round brass logo plaque over the horn section that really ads a classy look to this saddle! The stirrup leathers are so soft that I will no longer need stirrup turners. The saddle is so easy on the feet, legs and knees it's great for long trail rides. I could not be happier. When it comes to Aussie saddles, I will never purchase from anyone else!

Linda Osborne

Hey guys!.....

I just received the 6ft. bullwhip that I ordered. It's a beauty!

After I got the video "whip cracking with the masters" a month or so ago I started with a 6ft. stockman's whip and made pretty good progress. That whip (not from you) was okay. I just went outside to "test" the new bullwhip.

Your bullwhip rolls out like a wave and has a good, clean and loud crack with little or no effort on my part. What an amazing difference!

Thanks for offering a quality product. I'll be back for more.


Jim Philips

Hi Colin,
The Muster Master fits my horse perfectly. The forward swinging stirrup leathers also spare my knees. Thanks so much for your help with my saddle fitting problem!

Frieda Bruck

Please tell Colin thanks for talking me into a Tipperary vest: I'm out of the hospital, nothing broken but that would not have been the case if I hadn't had my vest on. ps. I was not using a stock saddle at the time! Learn a lesson the hard way....~Christina


Sorry it took so long, but here is the picture of Sabrina riding in the
saddle you guys made for her to go along with the letter she wrote you. She
is still loving it.

Thank you,

Joe Alcala

Note from Colin: Sabrina Alcala is riding a deep carved Muster Master, that she uses for barrel racing, and high speed cross country riding, with her dad Joe, and her mother Kellie, both of whom ride Southern Cross saddles. Nothing but the best for this riding family in Norco, California!!!.

Hi Colin,

I rode my new Cordura Maverick today for the first time.  Thought you might like to read about my experience. 

Jake (the young man who is riding for me) and his mother rode this afternoon.  It's hot and VERY windy here.  Jake said Doc  (my new, young horse) gave a huge spook today.  He's never done that with me before.  Jake also had to keep Doc off his mother's horse's rear end and Doc reared up a small amount.  Also, never done that with me before.  When they got back to camp, I put my new Aussie saddle on Doc and rode out with Jake for short while.  I felt like everything was fine, so I turned to come back.  We were side by side when the wind suddenly came up and birds or something in the brush made a noise at the same time and Doc came unglued.  That Aussie saved me.  I lost my left stirrup and was canted to the right on him, but I stayed on.  A few feet farther, the same thing happened and he gave that huge twisting spook to the left.  I again lost my left stirrup.  But the Poleys kept me on the horse.  That's the only saddle I'll ride with from now on.  I got off and led him back to camp.  We were close.


Hi, Colin;

I met you at the Springfield, Mass. Equine Affair and thanked you for your help choosing and fitting a saddle for my horse, Whisper, who I ride here in the Adirondack Mountains, NY. Only the most extreme weather keeps us from going out with our good friends, Cindy and Apache. We've still got  too much snow and mud in the woods to venture very far, but we're ready! There are miles of back roads to choose from.

You mentioned there (or maybe it was John-thanks to you, too, John!) that I send some photos that you might post on your website.

My Muster Master is close to a year old now, and my horse and I love it!!! I really like the halter bridle as well.

 Thanks again, 


Hi Colin,

My saddle arrived yesterday 5 minutes after I emailed you!!!
I couldn't wait to try it this AM.  It fits both me and Habeebee beautifully and we both were absolutely LOVING it!!!For the first time in his life, I truly believe that he was COMFORTABLE!!! ..and I felt very secure that I  could politely make requests of him that could potentially be met with an argument...without the trepidation of hitting the ground.   He was very willing...and didn't argue at all. Puts a completely new spin on my relationship with my horse.  I think this purchase was the best I've ever made!!!

Thank you and John so much for your time and attention at the Equine Affair in Springfield, MA!!


...I'll send a pic when he's not so fuzzy!!!..but it looks GREAT!!

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me to fit my girth for my saddle.  I bought the converters, girth ,and the tackaberry.  It works so much better, and it is so easy!  Thanks again.

Julie Inversso

Hi Colin,

 I look forward to meeting you and it will be awesome to have the opportunity to show off your products. I enjoy my saddle very much and tell people all the time how enjoyable it is to ride in it. My stallion tripped the other day and went down on his knees. Because of your saddle I stayed with him as he recovered and moved on.

See you at EA and thank you sooooo much Kathy

Cloin's comment: Kathy is riding a supreme poley

I just wanted to say thank you for coming back to Equine Affaire, Ohio. 
I rode in an Aussie saddle YEARS ago, and fell in love with it, and since then have always said if i ever get a horse I'll get the Aussie saddle too.  Well took me a long time to get a horse, and I use that word as a generic, I got a mule baby instead.   She's now three and I'm waiting one more year to get her a saddle to fit.  (plus i'm saving the money for it)  And she'll pretty much be done growing then too. 
But your demo about saddle fitting and correct position in the saddle was an extreme help to me.  And I was able to confirm my saddle size.  So now I'm almost ready, just gotta get the money! 
I appreciate you coming back to Ohio every year at Equine Affaire and at Congress.  I could just spend HOURS literally going through your booth and talking to you. 
I'm really anxious to be able to order my saddle.

That's April Smith, a trainer at River Run Ranch, in Harrisburg, Pa. "This style of saddle sure give me a lot of advantage. I want to sell them!" says April




Here we are mudding it with the Fox Poley

Tanner Smith of River Run Ranch, in Harrisburg, Pa., hits the barrel course in his Tagalong Poley. He blew the doors off the competition! Of course, under the watchful eye of his father Scott Smith.





Here is a pic of my son barrel racing with the tag along Poley

Hi There. My name is Patti and I am from Canada. I lived in Australia for a few years and worked on a Sheep/Cattle Station in NSW. I became a lover of the Australian Stock Saddles and upon returning to Canada I searched them out here. I looked specifically for The Australian Stock Saddle and thought that what I had ordered was exactly that. I have since learnt that what I bought was a stock saddle that claimed to be from The Australian Stock Saddle Co. But it is not. It has a fake logo on it. I was so disappointed when I found out and had spent a great deal of money on this saddle and I am now out that money that I had worked so hard to save. I just want anyone who is looking to buy on, to really check into the buyer that you are dealing with and the authenticity of the saddle that you are buying. Then you will not receive the disappointment that I have. The Australian Stock Saddle Co. makes the best saddle that I have ever ridden in and I really hope that one day I will get the chance to own a real one. Thank you for many years of great riding time while living in your beautiful country. I encourage all my friends out here in Canada to buy your saddles.
Patti - Saskatchewan Canada 

You were absolutely right when you said, go ahead, and spend the money (on an Australian-made , 12-plait kangaroo hide whip) The craftsmanship is awesome. The whip makes even me look like I know what's going on. I've watched your video so much it's getting fuzy. Thanks for everything. Donnie Hopkins, Charlotte Hall, MD

Hey Colin,
Dave Holliday here up in Auburn, WA. Still riding my Muster Master and lovin it.  My buddy Dave Haynes is still ridin his Survivor Poley and lovin it. Thinking about ordering some saddle cleaning supplies and a back cinch. Here is a recent picture so you can have a look at us.






Kellie Alcala, of Norco, California,  tries out her new Sport Poley, from Southern Cross. Kellie has ridden and owns many Australian stock saddles, but, she says of this one: "Wow! I just LOVE the way this saddle feels! My horse is right here!"

The barcoo bridle I ordered for my draft/appy cross arrived today, it fits him well and I love it!  It's a nice bridle for a very reasonable price.  I've attached a picture of Rio modeling it.  Thank you!
If it's OK with you, I'll put a link to your site on my site,
Sandy Zeigler




Tim Campbell, a professional trainer in Norco, California, with his new stuffed panel Southern Cross Poley on one of his many mustangs. "A friend let me ride her Southern Cross, and I decided right there I had to have my own!!!!" 







I purchased a 20" Southern Cross's great . The fit is so good I could probably get away without a girth most of the time. I never had a saddle 'stay put' so well.
Bill Tully,

I took Pepper's wither tracings and sent them to Colin. A few weeks later my saddle arrived. (A Fox Poley) It fits her beautifully. And for me it is very, very comfortable, and I feel extremely secure in it.
Bonnie Fewtrell,
New York.

Received the shipment of my Southern Cross Saddle and it's working out great. I also bought a SHOOTIST for my wife...and she's really happy with it. You saddle fit our mules well.
Mike and Ronda Gappa.
Eau Claire,

Thanks for the miracle. My horse Dixie is 14 years old, Tennessee Walker and for 13 years has been a problem fit. The only cure for other saddles was several blankets. The SHOOTIST saddle requires a single, thin blanket and makes an ideal sweat pattern. I believe I could ride her in this saddle without a cinch.  Really appreciate your great customer service.
George Hofer,

Doing some galloping the other day, when my horse decided to stop on a dime. I got jiggled a little but nothing of note, thanks mostly to the saddle I bought form you in June 1999.
Both my wife , Joan Sheldon, and I use our Australian saddles forall of our train riding and we're extremely happy with them.
Ron Grubman

A DREAM COME TRUE. Wow!! This saddle (a Southern Cross Poley) is so comfortable my horses smile when I put it on their backs. I am so glad I was able to meet with you at your wonderful place. Thanks for making my saddle dream come true.
Karin Barindell,

The Southern Cross fits me AND my horse perfectly! It's gorgeous. I couldn't be happier and have already received many compliments on it from folks still trying to stay aboard their traditional Western saddles when their horses spook. Go figure!!!
Diana Norris,

have never encountered a company that works so hard to make sure not only that you are happy with your saddle, but also to see that you have the right one for you. When I find something this good, I want to share it with all my friends.
Janet and Bill Dingmann,
Grantsburg, WI.

Amazingly, the SPORT POLEY fits my horse better than any other saddle I have seen. It allows more freedom of movement for the horse without discomfort for the rider.
Nick Barilics,

If you're going to buy an Australian Stock Saddle -- and  I STRONGLY urge you do -- buy it from The Australian Stock Saddle Company. They have correctly fit every client I have sent their way.
David Gonzales,
(noted California trainer)

I rode Peter into the Scapegoat Wilderness in Montana on a 4-day pack trip. It was 10 miles in and 10 miles back out, with lots of bridges, stream crossings, and some deep trails. Pete was comfortable the whole time and showed no signs of fatigue or soreness.Peter is 13 hands and 600 lbs-- and I am 120 lbs. Thanks again for all your help fitting this PATROL POLEY.
Wendy Brockish,

Liz Dawson,

Received my leftie holster and it's just what I was wanting. It fits my Colt .45 perfectly. I'm very pleased with it.
Scott Webster,
Good Hop, Il.

This is without doubt the greatest saddle I have ever ridden (A Southern Cross Poley) Incredible. I just love it. And Jerry loves it too. (Husband Jerry also got a Southern Cross)
Linda Severy McMahan,
Rolling Hills,
PS: Linda promptly bought two more Southern Cross Poleys for her other home in New Mexico!!

HOW PROUD. Wow, that was fast! And very much appreciated. I am sure you know this, but you have an absolute cult following. People who ride your saddles, don't just ride them, they learn about them, how they are made, why they are superior. I had over 900 peope in one week respond to the saddle sale.
John Kissel,

I will always recommend your saddles to others. As you know, the selling of a saddle is easy. Its the after the sell customer service that really diferentiates your company from others.
Janie Britton,
Pierce City,

There was a completely even sweat pattern on both horses upon untacking. Jacque remarked that she felt very secure and she felt the saddle was completely secure during the ride. Great saddles, marvellous after-sales service.
Jeff and Jacque Trapp,

                        After three years and 20+ saddles I have finally found the perfect saddle for my 10 year old Missouri Foxtrotter Banjo.   The Southern Cross Poley from The Australian Stock and Saddle Company.
                        I bought my perfect horse three years ago, but because of his very short back and one shoulder being larger than the other, I have had a problem with saddle-fitting.  I went so far as to have a saddle custom made, and that didnt even fit properly.  It not only did not fit the horse, but it was very uncomfortable for me.  I bought umpteen saddles on the Internet, tried them on and sent them back.  I bought at least 5 different gaited horse saddles that were way too wide for him (as he is only 14.1 and 750 pounds).  I tried endurance, barrel, Arabian, quarter horse and flexible saddles.  I tried different saddle pads as well.  Pads with built-ups, inserts, etc.  The list goes on and on. 
                        Not only was my checkbook feeling the pain, my horse and I both were as well.  I finally settled on a semi-quarter horse barrel saddle.  While it did not fit exactly right, with a special pad I tolerated it, as did my horse.  After riding mountain trails for one hour I would have to get off and stretch my legs as I was having knee and back pain.  I also noticed Banjo was turning his head a bit to the left when riding on a straight line.  After reading an article about saddle-fitting problems, I decided to try the Australian saddle.
                        My sister and two friends and I took a road trip to Malibu to visit Colin and his warehouse of saddles.  Wow!  Its overwhelming all the different styles and beautiful saddles to choose from.  Colin took my wither tracing and showed me a nice used saddle he had that he thought would do quite nicely.  Yes, he sells USED saddles too!  The price was very reasonable.  But, my sister happened to see a Southern Cross Poley on the shelf and said What about this one?  Well, needless to say after sitting in it,I decided I might as well get the best for my Banjo.  So off we went.
                        I was skeptical.  After all, I have had saddles slipping to the right, slipping backwards on the uphill, slipping down onto his neck on the downhill.  No kidding.  I had one saddle slip backwards so far that I was holding onto his mane going uphill, and yes, I was using a breastcollar!  The same saddle went down onto his neck on the downhill.  This particular saddle fit him like a glove as along as he was standing still like a statue.  As soon as he moved, the problems began.  And unfortunately, the saddle shop would not take the saddle back.                         Anyway, back to the Southern Cross We finally rode up and down the steepest trails in Griffith Park this past weekend.  I was shocked.  The saddle stayed right where it belonged on the uphill and downhill no problems.  I thought I might need a crupper, but I dont even need one!  I also noticed my horse is moving in a straight line and I know that after a few months his shoulders will even out!  After my rides I have absolutely no knee or back pain either!  Im no longer walking like an old beat-up rodeo rider after my rides thats what I used to feel like!
                        I am so thrilled with this saddle AND the comfort is second to none.  I know its a comfortable saddle and I think of it that way, but every time I get on my horse, I say to myself  Wow this is awesome!  I cant believe how comfortable this is!!  I am one very happy customer and my horse is happy too!!!

                         DISCLAIMER:  This is a TRUE story, and I do NOT work for the Australian Stock and Saddle Company!!!

                         Many thanks Colin, from Roberta and Banjo!!! 

Thanks Colin,

The saddle arrived here in B.C. Canada a few days ago.  It is magnificent.  I love the saddle leather. I was impressed how soft and supple the saddle leather was.  It even has some tooling.The size you sent me fits me like a glove.  I feel like a safe Humpty-Dumpty in my egg-cup.
My riding went up a notch immediately.
Thanks again for your fast and helpful service and mostly for the quality saddle you sent.


Doug Nuytten and Brenda Timm
Peachland, British Columbia

I received my endurance saddle today.  Thank you so much for making the repairs.  The saddle looks awesome.I think Ill just admire it for awhile before I take the saddle out on the next endurance race on my best Arabian.

Gale Greiner
Salisbury, NH


I ordered a Fox Poley from you last year and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. I have been riding in Australian Saddles for years and love them, but I have never enjoyed a saddle as much as my Fox Poley. To me it is the perfect cross between a western and Australian saddle. Not only is it an extremely attractive looking saddle, but the comfort and security can't be beat.

I'm also crazy about the tackaberry rigging. I use to have to have my husband cinch up my old Australian saddle for me, now I'm completely independent. We ride exclusively in Australian saddles whether we're training, trail riding, or competing.

Thanks again,

Aimee Sumner

Hi Colin!!

 I got the saddle on Friday about 5 minutes before we were leaving town!  Thank you so much for tracking it down!  Today is the first time I got to use it.  It fits perfectly!  I was so excited when I girthed him up because usually he is girthy and shows displeasure.  For a super sweet guy, I knew the saddle I was using didnt fit and I needed to do something.  So I watched carefully today and he didnt even flinch!!!  I got so excited that Quincy thought his mom lost her mind for a second. But then he remembered that this had happened before and although terribly embarrassing, she did snap out of it.  Besides, he learned quickly that if he could give her the Please tell me youre not really my owner look she might be shamed into giving him a few treats.  He believes she is smart that way.

 So the saddle is super comfortable, rock steady, and beautiful.  I had a really GREAT ride today.   And I know Quincy really appreciated it too and in fact he wanted me to ask you why it takes owners so long to figure out how to pick a comfortable saddle for their backs.  I didnt know exactly how to answer so I promised him I would tell everyone about your saddles.  Okay, and I gave him a few treats.  He seemed happy.  Ill send a picture soon!

 Also, David (my husband) wanted to get your girthing system so I believe we will order that on line.

Thanks again Colin!!

Amy Smith
NOTE: Amy, from Augusta, Michigan, purchased a Southern Cross Poley

Hey Colin;

Just wanted to let you know that we recently went on a 5 day ride at Otter Creek Horse Trails in New york State, and I rode about 20 combined hours in my Darwin Drafter saddle. I used to get extremely sore after about three hours in the saddle, but the first day we rode 7 hours straight, and I was so comfortable!! The saddle was also great for my horse! Through winding trails, steep climbs, and down slopes, crossing rivers and jumping fallen trees, the saddle stayed put. If I ever doubted you guys, I apologize! I have enclosed some pictures of Hummer and I enjoying the Darwin Drafter! Feel free to post these on your website!

Alicia Quist                                                                                                             Ontario, Canada

Champion  shooter Jerry Bestpitch, of Sacramento, California, with his revolving carbine scabbard. Reports Jerry: "It works great. I especially like the system of straps, so the scabbard can be placed just about anywhere on a saddle."




The Revolving Carbine from E.M.F. Co., Inc., Regular Price is $580. Mention you saw it on the TASSC website and it is yours for $530. Buy from a company that is a BIG supporter of Cowboy Mounted Shooting and SASS competition! To buy, contact E.M.F. directly at (800) 430 1310 or 

Cheers to Colin and everyone at the Australian Stock Saddle Company!

 My name is Maggie, and I just wanted to let you know how much my person, Sheila, and I love my new Survivor Poley saddle.  As soon as she placed it on my back, we both agreed that this saddle fit as if it were custom made.  After a few short rides close to home, Sheila took me and my best friends, Duke and Fred, to Mount St. Helens to ride through the forest to the mud flow.

We had a long wonderful ride.  We were all in awe, to see first hand the destructive force of this volcano, and also to see the way the land has begun to heal its self. 

 My back felt great at the end of the day, and Sheila said her back and legs felt great too!

Here I am smiling for the camera, with the Toutle River running through volcano mud in the background.  Also, Sheila attached a shot of the volcano that she thought you might like. 

Heres to many more great rides!

Carrots & Apples, Maggie

 P.S.  The Survivor Poley is a great saddle.  Your saddle fitters are superb.  The leather is very nice, and the little bit of tooling makes it very attractive.  I love the close contact feel, and it is ever so comfortable.  This is also a very practical saddle for a trail rider.  Lots of saddles have D-rings, but this saddle actually had them (lots of them!) right where I need them.  My saddle bags actually fit properly and securely, without the elaborate strap & tie mess that I have to use with my other saddle.  Ill be using this as my primary saddle from now on.  The guests can ride the Tucker!  And, by the way, your leather care products are wonderful!

Another very satisfied customer, Sheila Lynam

Dear Colin,
I've been meaning to thank you for helping me pick out a great saddle for my husband, Wayne.  As a first time rider, feeling comfortable and safe in a saddle was extremely important.  He absolutely loves his Aussie  and I know it has contributed to his improved riding skills.  I plan to pick up an Aussie for myself in the near future and will certainly be contacting you when the time comes. 
Best regards,
Kathleen Kiser

Here is a comment from a Yahoo Group

>colin dangaard is there with his saddles. i did some looking but didn't get >to talk to him as he was busy with some other folks. the saddles look very >nice. i'm hoping to go back this weekend and get a chance to talk to him >personally. i just thought i'd ask you if you'd gotten yours yet and if so, >how you like it.
>lisa in ohio

I have 3 of Colin's saddles right now, and have bought/traded in 3 more, plus given him more referrals than you can count.  I've found him professional and easy to work with, and I love the saddles as they are comfortable, secure, and fit very well.


Can't say enough nice things about the Australian Stock Saddle Co. 

-Chellie in Iowa

We do adjustments that work are the BEST!!!! The saddle adjustment is working out wonderfully. I took a ride today and we boogied right along with no complaints from either of us!!! Thank you so much.




Dear Mr. deLongis,


  I sent the following to Colin over at Australian Stock and Saddle

  Company; I'd would be grateful for a response from you as well if you have the time:


  "Dear Colin,


  I bought an 8' (11' with fall and popper) two-toned (brown and black)

  12 plait kangaroo hide whip with the "deLongis" handle from you a few

  months back.  I couldn't be happier with it.


Again - thanks for such an excellent whip.  I'm having a lot of fun with it.




Steve Lamade


Anthony DeLongis Reply 

I'm glad you're pleased. My present project has me working with whips of different specifications. While a good whip will perform well in the hands of a proficient practitioner, I personally continue to appreciate and prefer my modifications for both mounted and ground work.


Steve Lamade Question

  So far I've put in about 5-6 hours of practice using Anthony deLongis'

  method (as shown on his DVD set), and I've gotten to the point where I

  can do the basic mechanic, i.e., an overhand cast or throw with the

  whip starting behind me, so that it unwinds "downhill like water

  flowing" (his metaphor on the DVD) and spills out straight ahead of me

  on the outsde of my arm.  I've found that the hardest thing to do is

  to keep my hand loose and to close it at the last moment just over the

  butt for that extra snap with the wrist:  it requires a little more

  hand strength than I had a first but I'm starting to get the hang of


Anthony DeLongis Reply

 I'm glad you find my methods helpful and working well for you. You're now ready for some fine tuning. The wrist has very little to do with "sending the loop." As a matter of fact, since the loop is above the handle, the whip literally "follows the handle" at whatever angle your grip has set. If you bend your wrist, you will always throw the whip towards the ground and not allow it to fully extend and give you the most efficient and accurate results.


The relaxed grip allows gravity to place the whip in your hand with the loop on top (the most efficient position since it works with the structure of the whip itself). The handle begins behind you in a horizontal position. With a relaxed grip, the loop will form as the handle passes through the vertical position as it moves past your shoulder and the arm extends fully in front of your body. This allows the whip itself to align your entire body with the target (and makes sure your arm and body are INSIDE the railroad track alignment). Then your grip tightens to "send the loop." That is the timing and the secret to making it all flow together in an effective and efficient manner.



Steve Lamade Question

  The whip has started to get softer and more responsive with use (I've

  found that a liberal coating of dubbin every couple of weeks or so

  helps as well).

  I have a question in this regard:  the whip seems to have a natural

  "belly" in one direction but so as much in other directions (that is:


  the brown color axis around which it coils easily when I put it away -

  but NOT as much along the perpendicular black color axis (if you

  imagine it having 4 sides with alternating brown and black sides). 

  Should I try to work the whip along ALL the directions of its

  circumference that it could go or just practice my throws along what

  seems like the "better" brown side (this means I have to intentionally

  pick up the whip with my hand in a certain postition to use this side

  or its opposite, i.e. along the brown axis).

Anthony DeLongis Reply

The whip has a natural belly (the inner core or skeleton of the whip) that should never be violated. I encourage that belly to soften slightly so the loop forms earlier and flows easier. My loop is always on top of the handle (unless I'm violating the protocol for a specific result) and gravity places the loop in this position naturally if I relax my grip. Don't worry about the color, it's immaterial. Feel the natural belly of the whip and encourage it.


Steve Lamade Question 

  It seems as though it could soften in all directions over time but I

  just wanted to make sure before I try.  Someone also suggeted

  "softening" the whip by working it, bending it, and twisting it with

  my fingers but I kind of cringed when she did this.  It seems

  counter-intuitive since the whip will soften all by itself the more

  that I practice with it -and if it does have a natural belly in one direction then why would I want to do this?


Anthony DeLongis Reply

I do a bit of manual manipulation of the natural belly of the whip to encourage the whip to have "muscle memory" and always flow the same way.

This is very important.


Steve Lamade Question

I hope my question is not too naive (and that it makes sense!).  I'm

  going to write to Mr. deLongis as well for his take on the matter.


Anthony DeLongis Reply

It was an excellent question and makes perfect sense. When you are ready consider contacting me about private instruction at my ranch ( You should also check out the whip chapter of my Action reel on line at my web site. My Fight reel is found on his


    It's broken up into the Introduction and Skill Chapters. Each chapter is located under its heading.


SWORD MASTER begins with my sword fight with Jet Li from FEARLESS.


WHIP MASTER shows clips from films that I either performed with the whip or trained others and includes a section at the ranch showing multiple ranges and suggesting a variety of previously unexplored options. This only scratches the surface of what can be done.


Good luck.





More comments on the use of Whips as Weapons

I find your FAQ on very interesting, Gery. But I have to mention a couple things. First, Anthony has actually DONE demonstrations where he asked 2 martial artists (one is James Houston -- who has multiple titles and awards) to charge him with weapons. They wore stunt pads, leather cycle gear over them, and motorcycle helmets. They couldn't come in. Why? Because when you able to focus the tip of the whip on your selected target, in this case a head (you can hit with the fall, too), it is (as James says) like being hit with bat, and you see white light -- this with a motorcycle helmet on. If you get closer, it can still be used as a weapon to pummel, envelop, garrot, etc. Of course, you WOULD have to know some martial arts. We shot some video of this at the ranch and I have asked him to make the video available on Youtube.

The use of selective targeting allows one to slice skin, blind eyes, etc. and take what the perp makes available. It is hard to continue a charge unabated when one has blood pouring from his face or has his hand cut to the bone. I think at that point, the person will drop his knife, spoon, fork, etc. IN INTENSE PAIN. Of course, as you know, this takes skill developed over years of studying the whip - and perhaps also a martial art or two.

I know directly about this. During a Wild West show, our friend Colin's horse spooked in mid-charge, changing the trajectory of Colin's stockwhip. It cut my thumb to the bone. It was intense, blinding pain. I continued the show, but I'll tell you, the blow stood me frozen for a few moments, and a few moments is all one needs to get away to take out an attacker.

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