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Items shown on this page are under development. As soon as they are available for order they will be placed in the appropriate sections.

Ankle Holster

The ANKLE HOLSTER shown packing a 2 1/2" barrel .38. The holster features a removable safety strap, and a three buckle securing system padded with soft leather for ankle comfort.

Colors: Brown or Black
Right or left hand Draw
Approximate Price $69

 The back of the ankle holster has three securing straps with solid brass buckles. The two top straps pass through slits in soft leather to create great ankle comfort. The straps are long, so the holster can work on very large ankles. When you have fitted the holster to YOUR ankle, simply

 cut off excess straps.
Ankle Holster
Front View
Ankle Holster Back
Back View

Horse Trainer Whip

The HORSE TRAINER is a 5-ft 12-plait redhide whip that flows smoothly off a cane handle. It has a solid core making it ideal for training a horse (desensitizing, etc), performance work, target and trick cracking. Works well in pairs for multiple performance and high speed combination whip cracking. It is balanced , extremely accurate, and is easy to use.

 Approximate Price: $79

Trainer Whip

A solid leather pouch packs a Stanley 12-in-one tool. The pouch slides on a belt in the vertical position, or it can take a belt that puts it in the horizontal, side-load position (which means it will not stick your saddle!)
Colors brown or black.
Approximate Price $49.95.

All in one Pouch
A soft leather cantle bag, with two water bottles attached. Colors black or brown. The bag is 16" long, 5" high and 5" wide. The flip top closes with velcro. The bottles are sports-style pull top, for sipping on the run. The bag mounts on the back of an Aussie saddle, or a Western saddle, with fleece panels. For stuffed panel saddles, including most English, the bag is laced in front of the saddle, scross the withers. The bottles contain approxomately three cups.
Price $99
Soft Leather Cantel
There is a $25 minimum on ALL internet orders.
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