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Tandem Bareback Saddle

The TANDUM BAREBACK SADDLE is designed to carry -- of course!! -- two people double-style. The "saddle" is fitted with our exclusive flex plates that distribute the weight of the riders over a larger area. Stability is gained with a double girthing system. The non-gall neoprene girths are connected with a strap in the center. The tackaberry system runs on both girths, allowing for firm cinching, and promoting great stability. The saddle here is shown with carved "bling" stirrups, but any stirrup can be chosen. See stirrup section. The leathers are cut especially long, and not edge sewn, so they can be trimmed by the riders to fit any inseam. Standard colors off-white or black. Add $50 for custom colors. Price of the TANDUM BAREBACK SADDLE completely mounted: $1095.

This pad has special custom lexanne plates made to withstand additional weight. The back cinch ring is built independently into the saddle to give it extra strength. PLEASE ALWAYS CONNECT THE BACK CINCH WITH THE FRONT CINCH VIA THE SMALL CONNECTING STRAP (so the back cinch never becomes a flank strap!!).

Add upgrades as wanted:
Poleys, or knee pads: $100
Cantle, $200
Breastplate, $99
Crupper, $59

Tandem Bareback Saddle

Qty:    Price: $1095    Color:   Black Off White

Stirrups: Enter Stirrup name from Stirrups page

Custom Color:    Yes adds $50.00

Custom Color Selection:
Enter color name
The TANDUM BAREBACK SADDLE hits the trail! Note: The stirrup leathers are issued extra long on all BAREBACK SADDLES, so they can be customized to various leg lengths. The leathers are not edge sewn, to make this custom work easy for the rider, or riders. Leathers shown in these pictures are extra long, as they are when the unit is shipped. Please note the double girthing system to give the TANDUM BAREBACK SADDLE awesome security. The saddle is shown here on a short-backed Arabian. The second girth is always six inches longer than the forward girth. Also, nylon latigos can be trimmed to fit a wide variety of horses. They also are issued extra long, so custom trimming for a particular horse can be done precisely. Simply use scissors to cut the nylon latigo where desired, and bubble burn the cut edge with a naked flame.


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