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Muster Master Customer Comments


I just wanted to let you know that I got my Muster Master in a UPS shipment on Friday! I rode on Sunday and am absolutely delighted with both the fit on my horse Kodak and me.

The saddle made a big difference in behavior and performance, which I attribute to a great fit. My trainer noticed the difference immediately, and was favorably impressed.

Thanks you so much for good service and a great product. Please use me as a reference to other potential buyers, as you have a huge fan.


Alan White, Prescott, AZ., 86301

Greetings Collin! Here is a better photo taken today with Big Duke. We rode for a few hours today and we both Love this saddle:)

Thank you Rusty


Dear Colin

Another photo from a very happy horse and rider !! We both Love our new saddle , you can now say that you have fitted a Canadian horse ! This photo was taken in the Snowy Mountain Range WY In the Fall I shall be headed down to Malibu for a visit s Again. One of my daughters wants a saddle too. Thank you so much for my Muster master it's the BEST

Hope all is well Tina Carroll


Colin, got the saddle; it spent a week straddling the back seat of my car before I could take it out to my horse, but I admired it anyway. Now that I have used it, there are two things that are simply fabulous: one is the stirrups--they are perfectly made and balanced to aid the heels-down position, which is suddenly effortless. I also really like having the stirrups right at the place they should be for little old lady me! The workmanship is excellent, to put it mildly, and it fits my horse perfectly. I am curious about the metal loops to the side of the saddle horn--could they be for night latches? Or just handy to hang things? Many thanks for my wonderful saddle.




My husband Clay and I purchased a custom Muster Master in black leather with silver fittings. We love this saddle for our Clydesdale and Clay. We recently had our first child, a son named Archer. We decided to have his baby pictures done in your saddle. Thought you might enjoy them. Have a great day. Christa Banks


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