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Colin is it possible to try one of your saddles on my horse before I make my purchase. Audrey, your horse is no problem to fit in a Bronco. That is a very, very popular saddle. What we need is wither tracings to correctly fit the horse, and your weight and height and horn preference so we can correctly fit you. And then we can proceed. We guarantee you will like the saddle, or you can return it for a full refund, or a free exchange. We prefer to get wither tracings of the horse, so that when we send out the saddle it has, by statistics, a 95 percent chance of fitting the horse correctly, and fitting you correctly. Of that final five percent, on a second try, we get 95 percent of that correctly. So, ultimately, we fit 98 per cent horses correctly. We refund about two per cent, because of all the work we put into a correct fit. Can't say the same for people. However, because people have many more opinions than do horses: like,  color, weight, shape, style, budget, opinions of trainers, friends, etc., etc. That list could fill a book. As far as demo saddles go, we do not go there, because it is a hopeless proposition. No point in trying out a saddle that does not fit YOU correctly, and fit the horse correctly. Here is the math for the "demo" program you are suggesting. 'First, we deal in about 20 popular models, out of some 80 models. There are five seat sizes to every model. Which means we are now at 400 different saddles. Then we have half with horns and half with no horns, so we are now at 800 different "demo" saddles we would need. Then we have ANY KIND OF GULLET WIDTH, so if we decided to have, say, six different gullet widths that maybe would fit the horse we are now at 4,800 saddles. Now, remember half of our saddles have stuffed panels, for high withered horses, and half have fleece panels, for low withered horses, so we are now at 9,600 "demo saddles" I would need to have in stock. Now add to the equation that half of the saddles are black and another half are brown, so now the final total of "demos" saddles I would need to have in stock would approach 20,000 saddles. To administer the rotation of 20.000 saddles I would need a staff of, say, 30 people. I would also need to increase by a factor of ten my warehouse capacity to , say, 100,000 square feet. Yes, it could be done. But to support all that I would need to sell you a Bronco Poley not for $595 but for $1,995.00 At this point, I would add, that not one single location on earth stocks 20,000 Australian stock saddles. And I am very confident I could not sell you a Bronco for $1,995.00 

We can fit you, and fit your horse, We do it about 200 times a month, have done now for 30 years.   Cheers, Colin D

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