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Stuffed Panels

Saddle makers have been stuffing panels for centuries. Originally, doe hair was used but as that became difficult to obtain, hair from more commonly slaughtered animals grew popular. Today stuffing materials include a range of acrylics. There are pluses and minuses to using natural fibers versus man-made fibers, piece of animal hair liberates a small amount of heat, which is why sheep can be cool in scorching heat! For the same reason, people living in Middle Eastern deserts wear wool to protect themselves from the sun! Another plus to animal hair is that it conforms more quickly to the shape of the horse - the basic reason stuffing is used in the first place. The down side of natural hair is that it requires maintenance - fairly regular "AWLING" to make sure it does not pack down hard. Because once it does pack rock-hard, it must be replaced. The upside of acrylic flocking is that it does not pack as qui" to make sure it does not pack down hard. Because once it does pack rock-hard, it must be replaced. The upside of acrylic flocking is that it does not pack as quickly (but it, too, if left unattended will pack like concrete). It requires less awling. Another plus: acrylic is lighter than animal hair, thus reducing the overall weight of the saddle. The down side of acrylic flocking is that instead of LIBERATING heat, it acts as a barrier to heat. Which is why, in the building trade, it is commonly used in various forms for insulation. Another plus, as far as saddle manufacturers are concerned, is it costs much less than natural hair, and is more readily available.
Stuffing also comforts to the rider, who is actually sitting  on two pillows under the saddle. Saddle Co. means the saddle has been design by us and manufactured at our direction in India. All Classics must meet our exact specifications. Our Classics are backed with the Australian Stock Saddle Co. guarantee. (Many other Indian Saddles on today's market are our REJECTS!
  • Our key Indian saddlers have been trained in the U.S. by us to ensure quality control.

  • The leather used in the Classics ranges from buffalo hide tanned to European standards - to genuine Australian steer hide.

  • All fittings are solid brass.



Awling should be done to balance the saddle, or to simply prevent the stuffing from going hard. If for example, the saddle drops down in the front (common from aggressive riding, where the rider is taking a lot of stirrup weight) the stuffing should be awled forward, to lift up the front, and thus return the saddle to its original balance. If it goes down at the back (very unusual) stuffing can likewise be awled back to lift that section. Stuffing can also be moved to make the saddle fit better. If the saddle is "bridging - meaning a palm can be slipped up under the center when it is on the horse's back - then stuffing must be awled into that low area to fill the gap. But awling is more like fine-tuning. It cannot correct a hopelessly fitting tree.
If you do not have access to a proper saddler's awl, then make one from a thin-shank Phillips head screwdriver. Grind it down until it has a smooth extremely sharp point. Use fine-grain paper to finish the job. A common garden weeder makes a reasonable stuffing rod.

For Precise instructions and technique on the art of Awling contact us. Expert information free.

Awling Kit

We now have, for the first time ever in the USA, a complete kit for awling a traditional Australian stock saddle. Traditional Aussie saddles have under panels that are either blue, or gold. wool serge. They are stuffed with either wool, or acrylic, or, in the very expensive saddles, horse hair. They best fit high to medium withered horses, but adjustments can be made to make them fit exactly right in even a wider spectrum. The kit contains the following:

1. Aa hand-made stuffing rod, with the correct "bill" to move horse hair stuffing, wool flocking or acrylic flocking.

2. A hand-made awl, to do fine-tuning in migrating the flocking.

3. A gallon bag of genuine horsehair, to add re-stuffing to your saddle panels. Horse hair is the most desirable stuffing, and can be mixed with either wool , or acrylic, that might already be in the saddle.

4. A video that contains a section on how to awl an Australian stock saddle.

Cost of package: $89.00


NOTE: Here is a great business opportunity, if you are so inclined. There are now hundreds of thousands of traditional Australian stock saddles that have accumulated in the US in the last three decades, since we started the Aussie saddle revolution in 1979.Traditional means they have under panels stuffed with wool or acrylic. At the Australian Stock Saddle Company, 95 per cent of our saddles have fleece-lining, not stuffing, to fit 95 percent of modern American recreational horses. Of course, the majority of the stuffed panel saddles are cheap knock-offs. But frequently their main problem is , after a few rides, the stuffing has packed down, and they no longer fit. With the correct tools, hereby supplied, and the knowledge, hereby supplied, you could FIX such saddles, especially if you learn how to actually fit a horse. For this information, check the videos on our website. ALL THIS INFORMATION IS FREE. A reasonable charge for this service , to YOUR customer ,would be $75. Double it if something extra has to be done. But then, of course, you need to know what you are doing in the "extra" department. Do it, and you'll learn it! We are here to help. People in your immediate area would be motivated because they would not have expensive shipping charges And we are always here to answer your questions. Cheers, Colin D.

There is a $25 minimum on ALL internet orders.
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