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Saddle Fitting and Withers Tracing

Fitting the withers of a horse is the most critical stage fitting an Australian stock saddle.

This picture shows from Left to right examples of saddle widths to fit different horses. WIDE, STANDARD, and NARROW. With wood/steel trees, especially, ANY width can be achieved. All we need is the information about your horse to make a saddle fit correctly.

1. A withers Tracing below is are instructions and a picture of how to do this:

1. Find a piece of wire that will bend easily, but holds it shape. Soldering wire is good, so is a common coat hanger

2. Place this over the wither, as indicated with position "A". Adjust the wire until it perfectly reflects the shape of the wither. Place this on a sheet of paper and follow the INSIDE line of the wire to make a drawing (Mark this "A")

3. Repeat with positions "B" and "C" , spacing 5 inches in between.



5. A picture of the side-on view of the horse, shown with his head in a normal, alert position, and his back without a saddle.

6. The weight and hands of the horse, and the weight, height, and waist/pant size of the rider.

6. Fax these drawings and the other info to (818) 889-7271 or email the the scanned images to TASSC@AOL.COM


We then take your FAXES, make cardboard cutouts, set the gauge, and duplicate the back of your horse. The gauge has extra arm. Do this extra tracing ("D"), if you wish but our experience indicates it is not necessary. This gauge along with the other information about the horse and you will be used to make sure the saddle fits the horse and you.


NOTE: Often the withers tracing mates up perfectly with our standard saddles, however if we need to modify a new saddle to match the tracing you provided there is a $150.00 charge for the 4 hours of labor it takes to do these modification. We will contact you before doing the modification. In the event of a refund -- which DOES happen in one percent of saddle sales -- this charge is non-refundable.
In five percent of custom fittings we do we need to take a second shot at the fitting, invariably because there were errors in the withers tracing. In this case, we do the work at no charge. You pay shipping. Subsequent refitting of a saddle, for example to a new horse, cost $200.00. Saddles not from the Australian Stock Saddle Co. are subject to a quote for fitting.


History has been made.  

A saddle gauge is here to precisely measure the horse, and can thus be used to precisely measure the saddle the horse will wear! The inventor is Robert Ferrand, a true genius in his own right, with some 25 patents to his credit. Ferrand was a late starter in the horse world and being a novice rider, but an eminent engineer, was astonished that there was no accurate way to measure a horse’s back. He started with computers—his home territory—but ended up with a "low-tech" solution to a high-volume problem. Interestingly, his choice of saddlery, as a trail rider, was the Australian stock saddle. As he says: "Of all the equipment used on horses by trail riders, this made the most sense. I could not understand why everybody who rode trails, and cares for their horse, and their own safety, did not ride Australian. From an engineering point-of-view, and from a rider’s point-of-view, it is brilliant." The Australian Stock Saddle Company worked with Robert Ferrand through various stages of development that resulted in this remarkable instrument, the first of it’s kind. To save the expense and time of shipping gauges, we have developed a technique of wire tracings. See instructions. It is simple and easy. You FAX us the tracings from A through D. We make a template from these tracings, place them in the Ferrand gauge, and then we can accurately reproduce the back of the horse as it relates to the underside of the saddle.


 Colin takes notes while using Saddletech Gauge

The gauge is placed inside a saddletree to make sure it fits

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