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I have studied this saddle carefully, and I have studied your wither tracings, and here is my opinion:
This saddle, being a stuffed panel, will NEVER correctly fit this horse 100 percent, even if I adjust it.
The saddle is an inexpensive Indian-made model that I would never sell, simply because I care for the well being of anybody who rides one of my saddles. I actually stand behind them. The person who sold this saddle does not. Proof: call them back -- if you can find them .Just a fact.  
The tree in this saddle is very weak. Proof: flip the saddle over, have somebody with some strength lean down on the leading lower points of the gullet, and the tree will spread. This is what it will also do over time, unless it is strengthened. So, here is the solution, if you want to keep that saddle.
l/ ship the saddle back to me and I will do my best to adjust it. BUT I WILL NOT GUARANTEE IT WILL WORK. It is the wrong style of Aussie saddle for your horse. Return shipping from my end, will be $70. The adjustment fee is $150
2/ I re-weld the gullet, to stop it spreading, which no matter how much I work on the tree, if I do not strengthen it, it will not stay true. Cost of welding steel in tree $200.
3/ The stirrups on this saddle are also very weak. They always break, it is only a matter of time. Do a simple test. Take off the stirrup, and twist it. It WILL twist. It should not. New stirrups, $59
4/ The girth is also of very poor quality. The good news is it will probably break before it galls the horse. Let's hope it does not break when you are riding. New girth $39
The stirrup leathers look OK. But I will not know that for sure until I see them

The bottom line is I can buy this saddle for $75 from the manufacturer who supplies them to people who hock them on eBay. But of course I would never, ever sell a saddle that could possibly cause harm to a rider. Which is why I URGED  you to return the bareback pad for a refund. You are not a candidate for riding bareback on a round horse. You WILL fall. Everybody does. And given you existing injuries, I do not want that responsibility. The very best of riders fall off bareback pads, myself included, and I am an expert. I win major cross country races and steeplechase.  What you need ahead of everything else is a firm fitting saddle, and security.
In my opinion it is just not wise to put money into the saddle you have shown me, and try and make it work on a horse simply because it is cheap. The costs as I have listed are $518.00. The ultimate cost of injury however, is far, far greater. .
I can greatly improve the fit of this saddle,  but I will need you to sign a release from any problems or injuries you receive when the saddle rolls off the horse, which it will, even if it fits, because it is the WRONG style of saddle for this horse.
Best wishes, and good luck,


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