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Muster Master on Tennessee Walker

A potential customer asks if the Muster Master will work on a Tennessee Walker. Colin replies: If you take a 15" Western saddle, you would take a 14 l/2" Muster Master. However, we still need your weight and height, so we can be sure of the seat size. We also need wither tracings of the horse.  We fit gaited horses on a daily basis. Our saddles work GREAT on all gaited horses, because when the rider sits back, as needs to happen with this horse, the front end is lightened, and the "fans" on the back of the tree spread weight out over a large area, lowering pounds there per square inch. The front gullets of ALL our saddles are flared out, so the bearing surface of the tree is actually three inches back from the leading edge of the saddle. That said, I will add that many people who own gaited horses are under the mistaken impression that the scapular moves back 6", or more! It actually moves back half that distance in full outreach. Try it yourself. Lift the front leg of the horse and see how far it goes back. It is only 3". Wither tracings are necessary because Tennessee Walkers vary greatly in the shape of the wither. Another popular misconception is that Tennessee Walkers are all the same. Not so. They just move in similar fashion. Like all other breads, their back profile varies greatly, and from horse to horse.
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