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Leather Maintenance

If you are using our Leather Maintenance Kit here are the instructions


l. First thoroughly clean the saddle with SADDLE SOAP, using a soft bristle brush to get into the pores of the stitching, etc. Wash off the suds with clean water, then towel dry. Then let dry naturally on a sunny day. Will take maybe three hours. It is not necessary to take the saddle apart to do this!,

2. Use LEATHER KEEP to work over any scratches on the saddle. Rub this product into the scratched leather, using a metal ball, as found on a ball pane hammer. The bottom of a glass bottle or glass tumber will also work.

3. Use WENOL to polish the brass, starting with a cotton cloth, then finishing with a paper towel.

4. Use the enclosed brush to apply a single coating of the SADDLE OIL.(Do not get oil on the sheepskin!) Let the oil soak in before the next step.

5. Use the supplied square of sheepskin, permeated with ONE STOP for the second and final application. Only one pass is needed. Let dry. This product will leave a thin film of beeswax that, when buffed with a paper towel, will give your leather a lively luster!

6. Return the sheepskin to the ziplock bag, stow it in the barn and, thereafter, once a week, lightly rub the sheepskin over the saddle. If you spend longer than one minute doing this you are wasting time!

7. Depending on conditions where you ride, it is a good idea to repeat all the above at least once a year.

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