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Cleaning Leather


Apply the LEATHER CLEANER to the article outdoors on a sunny day. Wet the leather to be cleaned. Then take a soft bristle brush , squirt some LEATHER CLEANER onto  the brush,  then  softly scrub the saddle, using gentle circular motions with the brush.  Work the bristles of the brush into the stitching, and any carving and all the crevices. Dip the brush continuously into a tub of clean water, and get some serious suds going!  You will notice the grime, trapped by old oil, rising to the surface and transferring from the saddle into the bucket!  If the saddle has silver or hardware, scrub that as well.  Scrub everything  EXCEPT NUBUCK OR SUEDE!!  Now take a garden hose and completely spritz the saddle of all suds.  Then let it dry.



You will now see how clear all the stitching and carving is! When it is completely dry (which may take three hours on a sunny day) , first polish all the hardware with Wenol, then use a clean brush to liberally paint on SADDLE OIL. Do NOT use any artificial heat to dry the leather. Natural sunlight only!! Thick leather may take two passes with the brush.  Allow the oil to soak in. Then finish the leather with LEATHER KEEP, which will give it a rich luster. Do not polish. Let it soak in, and it will leave a sparkling but dry surface. Finally, use a paper towel to touch up the silver and the hardware. Now your saddle will look like new, and you will have added years to its life.  Between major clean-ups like this, maintain the saddle with ONE STOP, applying little and often with a piece of sheepskin best kept in a zip lock in your tack room!  Always keep your saddle covered in the barn, but never zipped up.  Leather must breathe! ( Any leather product can be cleaned and restored this way, but a sponge would be better than a brush and a garden hose for, say,  an indoor leather couch! )

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