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How Much Weight can a Horse Carry

More than you think! But there is no quick answer. A bit like asking: how much weight can a human being carry? All we can do is use  variables, along with that rarest of all qualities -- common sense!  Here are the facts. Riding for pleasure, as we know it today,  is less than 60 years old! Yet men have been riding horses for at least 2,000 years, almost exclusively as a way to get someplace so they could kill each other. The load of the horse increased, as his use increased -- and weapons of war got heavier. Major G. Tylden, writing in HORSES AND SADDLERY, notes that Royal Cavalry in 1775 required horses to carry some 316 lbs. Into battle, no less!. And the load never lightened. Shetland ponies used by the British in trench warfare in World War I weighed 600 lbs, yet carried 400 lbs!! Through modern times, as a rule of thumb, a horse in working condition, should be able to carry one third of its own weight. Providing!!! The saddle fits. The rider can rider. The horse has no back or leg problems. The grade is not too steep, the sun not too hot, etc., etc...People who weigh 250  lbs frequently ask if we can take 10 lbs out of the saddle! Of course we can -- but there is an easier place to get rid of 10 lbs!! If you weigh 260 and your saddle weighs 60, you might like to consider a mule, or a massive donkey!! Their ability to haul is legendary. Anatomically, and from an engineering standpoint, the horse is built more to pull than to carry. But by being reasonable, we can work around that.

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