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Whip Cracking with the Masters Vol. I

Whip experts Anothony De Longis and Colin Dangaard have combined their unique talents to teach you how to use the bullwhip and Australian stock whip.


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Whip Video


Price: $29

VHS Tape

Mastering the Bullwhip

Hollywood whip master and fight co-ordinator, Anthony DeLongis, reveals the secrets of the bullwhip in this remarkable two-part series. Anthony takes apart the action with the precision of the expert he is!
Price : $59.95


Mastering the Bullwhip




Price: $59.95

How to Tie a Popper

How to tie a Popper
The "popper" is the thin plaited nylon string that is fixed to the "fall" of the whip. The fall is the solid leather attached to the plaited section. There are many ways to attach a popper. What Colin likes to do is very carefully cut a short slit in the center of the fall, about two inches up from the end. Then thread the loop of this popper up over this slit. Then poke the popper through the slit, and gently pull, so the loop locks on the slit. Then do a half hitch with the popper about one inch down from the slit, and pull firmly. This gives the whip true aim in flight for target work. The DRAG of the popper will not be all on the slit, but spread ever the area where there is the half hitch -- as the popper goes thru the sound barrier!! NOTE: "poppers" break off regularly. When you are performing, have half a dozen in your pocket. Bailing twine makes an excellent popper. The secret is to have it the right thickness of the popper -- not too thin, not too thick. Poppers should be about nine inches long, when folded over to make the loop. Then three-braid plait it down to within an inch from the end, where a knot is tied. This popper is what makes the crack. Another way to install a popper is simply do a slip knot, especially if the fall is too narrow to take a slit. There are many different ways to fix a popper on a fall. You will find what YOU like.

Caring for your Whip

Caring for Your Whip

LEATHER KEEP is the magic here, Put some in the palm of your hand and pull the whip through your hand, to heat the leather slightly with friction. There is a balance to oiling a whip. Never over oil. But also never let the leather get dry. It is the best $20 you will ever spend. Buy two for $15 each! Put it on your shoes as well!!

Whip Damage

Damaged Whip Never crack on concrete, or in parking lots, or on gravel. Below is an image of what happened to a whip after just a short time of cracking on some rough hard surface!! Crack the whip on dry lawn -- not wet lawn. Carpet is OK. Do NOT drive the whip into the ground! Whips must be cracked at chest level. Remember, let the whip do the work. It is not about power. Power destroys whips. It is about technique. First, get the technique. The crack will come automatically. Be patient. Good whiup crackers actually lever let their whips come in contact with the ground -- any ground! Never cut any target held by a person -- unless you are an expert. There are very few people skilled enough to do this. When you are performing, make sure there is nobody standing behind you, or within the radius of the whip. Whips can cause serious injury. If you have a dog where the whip is being cracked, have somebody hold the dog within ear-shot of the whip, and have this person pet the dog when the crack is made, so the dog realizes the whip has nothing to do with him! Otherwise, he might just bolt through a screen door! Or run away. Do not leave whips hanging on a corral post. Horses love to chew leather. Do not leave it where the dog can chew it. Dogs also love to chew leather. Never leave your whip unattended in crowded places. In those environments whips have been known to "grow legs", and disappear. Wear safety goggles. AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS IN THE DVD, Whip Cracking With The Masters.
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