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War Horse Movie Review

 War Horse, the movie, is a penetrating look at man’s relationship with the horse. It uses World War I as a backdrop. Lots of action revealing the futility of war. Something that has happened since the beginning of man and will happen forever. This is a powerful story of a horse, and how the animal influenced all those who came in contact with him. To understand this, is to know history. The hose, in recognizable form, is 55 million years old. Man, in recognizable form is 5 million years old. During evolution, horse and man communicated in a way that was perfectly clear and natural. Back before man used words, and his brain had yet to develop to handle tools, language, philosophy, etc, his brain was identical in size to that of the horse. The brain of the horse, meanwhile, never changed. He just grew larger, and became faster. No other change was necessary for his survival. There was a time when the brain of man and the brain of the horse was identical, putting each creature on a common electromagnetic wavelength. They communicated easily. The horse brain never changed, but the brain of man did. The movie WAR HORSE bases its touching story on a truth: modern man and horse can still communicate as they did millions of years ago, because man still has that old original brain, though it is rarely used by modern man. In WAR HORSE , a young man builds a relationship with a horse. They connect. Although the movie does not explain why, there is a scientific basis for this connection. It has to do with electromagnetic fields that all living creatures generate. The movie reveals a power and a passion that is unique to humans and animals. Horses have for millions of years been an inspiration for humans. Of all the animals on the planet, the horse is the most admired for power and beauty. Steven Spielberg, as only he can do, created a movie that is a celebration of the love between man and horse. It is astounding, packed with truth, and you will leave the theatre looking for a horse to ride – and love!!
By Colin Dangaard


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